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Your journey is your journey and nobody else’s!

Take the full responsibility for it and the right persons and information will appear at the right time, in the right place! Synchronicity is always a sign! 


Every journey is an emotional journey first!

Your purpose is to feel empowered, full of yourself and inspired. Then you are on the right way to manifest what you wish to have into your life….


Make the change to think more positive thoughts!

It is extremely important to become aware of your thoughts and stop when you identify an unpleasant one.  Stop right there and notice how you feel!


Are you aware of your triggers?

What situations, people, places, images, memories are triggering negative emotions in you?

Is your response one of fight, flight or freeze?


We are often “frozen” to react and behave in “frames“.

We “record” and “play” our family’s patterns but also the collective ones in terms of thinking, acting and reacting and we do not even realise that they are not ours.


What is true for you?

To be able to welcome the changes in your life you need to establish one important communication: with your subconscious. What are your unsupportive inherited/adopted beliefs? 




Subconscious Beliefs

Find out what is running your life in the background and how you can change it...Get to the root cause for a permanent change!

Suppressed Emotions

Find out if the emotions that you feel are really your suppressed emotions, inherited emotions or absorbed emotions...

Repeating Patterns

Go into the deepness of your patterns and find out the underlying causes of attracting the similar situations and people into your life...

Triggers & Reactions

If you get easily triggered to react over and over again in the same situation, it is time to look what runs unconsciously in the background..

What is New

You can start enjoying and living your life in a different and better way as before...

Improve Your Life

Change your subconscious beliefs and start living your new life!

Facilitating Permanent, Radical Changes for Being YOU

I am perfectly imperfect! I am just myself: Complicatedly uncomplicated...


Camelia Hanos

Teacher, Author, Therapist, Coach & Master of Ceremonies in My Own Life

If you came on my page, it means that in some way, on some level, we resonate together and I might have something you are looking for. I do not see people as being wrong or imperfect…I see them as powerful creators who need from time to time some little adjustments or awareness to find out who they really are and what is their life purpose here, on earth. I am an Emotion Code therapist, a Psych-k facilitator, a Reiki practitioner, an Access Bars practitioner and a Vogel Crystals Energy therapist.

What People Say About Me

Camelia has a sharp ear and eye for deeply hidden patterns. She easily combines her tools for your needs. Body Code enabled me to access emotional patterns, in particular those that were ‘inherited’. (As quantum entanglement explains, humans pick up energy vibrations from other people, especially from our ancestors. ) After a session with Camelia - clearing emotional charge in the body and with this knowledge – I create new uplifting beliefs with my PSYCH-K Balances.

Mariette Ham

PSYCH-K instructor and Facilitator

I met Camelia when I saw a need in myself to get to know my patterns and beliefs better. My aim was to find for me a better understanding of my emotions and to explore this with new methods. As a coach for around 10 years by myself, I knew already a lot of methods and I was surprised to discover with Cami some more great methods along our coaching together. For me more important was the way how she did it. She explained each step with a lot of knowledge and answered my questions in a very understandable way. I felt all the time very good guided and supported from a competent person, using a human way to support me. I can recommend her warmheartedly, as a great support for everybody who needs it.

Uwe K.

Head of Project Management Claas

Sometimes your circle of friend decreases in quantity, but increases in value. As a person who in less than a year went to a whole lot of changes, on different areas of life ( both physical and spiritual ) I needed all the help I could get to literally survive after a painful divorce. From the bottom of my heart: Thank You!

Madalina S.

Children Educator
Psych-K Advanced Certification
Psych-K Basic Certification
Access Bars Certification