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When It Is About Me, It Is About: Emotion Code®, Body Code®, Psych-K®, Access Bars®, Reiki and Vogel Crystals Energy.


Since I know myself, I was doing my best to be an authentic person, regardless the persons I interacted with. Every person was equally fascinating and mysterious and there was always so much more to see behind the masks people choose to show.


Very often behind the “power mask” there’s a sensitive, gentle soul, looking for being discovered and loved as it is.

I was in a search  for something all my life!

Professional journey

I believed my life will be fulfilling when I took the role of an educator for kids and I followed my passion: Mathematics.

Even if the work with the kids and teenagers was in the same time entertaining and enriching my life, it was still not the feeling that I am “home”.

I got involved into IT business, growing a few companies, building up valuable knowledge for myself and enjoying the experiences with different types of clients.

Finding my way

It was only a few years later when my perspective about life changed completely and my priorities took another turn.

What started as a mysterious infection turned out to be something that puzzled the doctors and put me on a path of intensive search to save my life.

I soon got to the conclusion that what the allopathic medicine is offering, is just something standard, putting everyone in the same frames and taking care only to make the symptoms disappear. There’s no such thing as a holistic approach in the western medicine and as long as the symptoms are under control, you are told that everything is ok.

Of course that if you do not get to the core issue(s), you will soon find out that ailments will just pop-up all the time, leaving everybody in frustration, but especially yourself. Your body will keep giving you permanent signs that something is not balanced.


Discovering more and more

After a few years of trial & error, experiencing on myself, finding out that pretty often “less is more”, doubting myself and doubting the native intelligence of my body to heal, I can say that probably every method works, but it is not complete and it

might be not the right one at the right time. So getting a little bit of guidance, here and there, might make a whole difference.

The MIND, the BODY and the SOUL are meant to work together and balance between each other.

If you came on my page, it means that in some way, on some level, we resonate together and I might have something you are looking for.

Creating awareness

I do not see people as being wrong or imperfect…I see them as powerful creators who need from time to time some little adjustments or awareness, to find out who they really are and what is their life purpose here, on earth.

I expanded over the years my knowledge in working with energy, crystals and different body and mind therapies. Learning through experience, I clearly understood that body, mind and soul have to work in unity. The potential of healing gets stimulated by working on all levels.

All levels are equally important for the balance of a human being: physical, emotional and spiritual.

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