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Emotion Code®

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What is the Emotion Code® ?

The Emotion Code® is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson which literally works by getting rid of emotional baggage.

This method is using muscle testing to quickly identify and release hidden trapped or inherited emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events.

What is the purpose of Emotion Code®?

The purpose of Emotion Code®therapy is to release the trapped emotions,  which will have as consequence to create the right conditions for the body to heal physically.

The emotional difficulties often disappear or become much easier to deal with.


What are the trapped emotions?

Trapped emotions are literally balls of energy vibrating at different frequencies, created by emotions we experienced but did not fully process.

Using kinesiology, the emotions that are causing disturbance are identified and released.  All the information about traumas and the negative emotions related to unhappy events are stored in the subconscious and brought to the surface into the conscious to be released.

Types of trapped emotions

As long as we live, we keep collecting emotions that get trapped since our birth till our current age. These emotions are “normal emotions”, which we all experience.

Besides them there are also some specific ones which need attention:

The inherited trapped emotions are passed during the conception – these may be carried from generation to generation from the mother’s or father’s side.

Benefits of releasing inherited trapped emotions: they are released from all affected generations.

Types of trapped emotions

The pre-natal trapped emotions are from the time spent in the mother’s womb (the child basically feels in any moment what the mother feels and if there are situations when the mother can’t process the emotion, this might get trapped in a child as well).

The absorbed trapped emotions are especially related to children (but not only), because the children are vulnerable and like sponges and absorb emotions from others. The adults can also absorb emotions if the emotions are intense or if they are from close persons.

The pre-conception trapped emotions are emotions which were felt before the birth. They are released the same way as the normal emotions of the person.

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