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Wayne Dyer – The Shift (the movie)

There come a time in everyone’s life when we feel we need to make a SHIFT. We need to stop and reinvent ourselves.

What are the things that make you truly happy? How can you find your purpose and live a fulfilled life independently of what others think?

While these are complicated questions, Dr. Wayne Dyer puts them in a unique light and offers us the answers in their purest form.

The Shift Movie is built around the principle of Dhama, which implies that we all have a purpose.

But how can you fulfill your purpose if you are operating from your Ego? How can you still be successful and be spiritual at the same time?

From a very young age we are thought that we are what other people think of us, and that we have to be “more” in order to be successful and happy. You work hard to get a good job, to get a promotion, to get a big house that you can fill with all the things that society tells you that you need.

But if you are what you have and it all gets taken away from you, then what are you?

According to Dr.Wayne Dyer, the path to happiness is different. In the afternoon of your life, when you realize that your accomplishments don’t bring you fulfillment, there is a “shift“. That is the moment when you feel the need to achieve something greater than you, to make a change in the world and to feel the bliss that we all crave.

Do you feel happy and complete with your life? Do you feel like you are “enough” for yourself and the ones around you?

If the answer is not positive, then it’s time to become detached of the outcome and independent of other people’s opinion.

When you do this, you discover that your actions are no longer an expression of your Ego. You don’t take into consideration anymore if you fit the criteria that the society is trying so hard to impose on us. What you might discover with surprise is that when you start all your actions from a true inner place, you have the ability to be more successful and to create bigger things than you ever thought it was possible.

As Dr. Wayne explains, you have to be able to detach yourself from the environment around you and to allow the things to happen. The Universe will work in your favor and what needs to happen, will happen.

It takes a lot of courage and self-love to put so much faith in your own journey, but this is exactly what the concept of Dharma is all about: everything will go according to the plan so you can complete your mission. You just have to let it happen.

How can you know that you are taking your decisions from the right place?

It’s easy: you feel it.

zIf you feel genuinely happy and you don’t feel the need to do something else, then you are on the right path. Your inner self tells you when your actions are in harmony with your mission on Earth, and you just have to listen to what it tells you.

This will not feel like the easiest journey of your life, but it will definitely be the most blissful one.

Allow yourself to go above what you are trained to be and become the person you were born to become!

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