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Videos for the Soul

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Dr. Bruce Lipton – Epigenetics

Epigenetics give us the chance to understand that we are not victims of our genetics, and that we have the ability to control our body in ways that we did not think as possible....

Wayne Dyer – The Shift (the movie)

What are the things that make you truly happy? How can you find your purpose and live a fulfilled life independently of what others think? While these are complicated questions, Dr. Wayne Dyer puts...

Don Tolman and Self-Care

Don has a simple and to the point message for the people: to confidently take care of themselves without the need of toxic drugs and invasive procedures. Self Care is about normal people like...

Healing Acute and Chronic Pain

Dr. John Sarno was Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and his most remarkable achievement is the development, diagnosis, and treatment of tension myoneural syndrome (TMS). TMS is a harmless condition caused by repressed emotions and...